5 things you can do at home on a New Year’s Eve

New Year 2019

Hey Guys!

It feels so good to be back on my blog and do what I love doing!

So since the New Year’s is right around the corner and all of us might have different kinds of plans. I’ve come up with something for all the introverts out there.

New Year’s Eve Ideas for an introvert

DIY – Yes! DIY is something which always comes first on my list. It pulls out the inner creativity in you.

Just scroll through the internet and find some creative DIY’s for your room or just make some New Year greetings for your loved ones. It sounds old school but trust me it makes others feel really special.

I’ve got u a couple of ideas from Pinterest check them out


DIY Photo Hanger
DIY Greeting Cards

Check the link here


Cleaning/ Rearranging – life is a mess, but u can always clean your room.

Rearrange all the stuff and decorate your room, it feels so new and a right thing to start your year with.

New Year Resolutions- Plan your year ahead. Make plans, set your goals and try some resolutions to follow all year. Buy some new planners they help you to stay organized.

Read a Book / Watch some new shows– Grab a new and inspiring book it will help you to have a better start.

  • Or just watch a bunch of shows on Netflix/prime or whatever. For me personally, comedy and a good love story can heal.

Cook Cook Cook – If you don’t know cooking and want to start over just do it. Or u might be thinking to recreate an instagram recipe; it’s a great time to do. Good food makes my soul happy :p

So this is my set of things for an introvert in you. Hope you all found it interesting and useful. Let me know in the comments below and if you want to see my new year’s celebration. Follow me on instagram facebook

2 thoughts on “5 things you can do at home on a New Year’s Eve

  1. Well,to start it as an intovert, I personally loved your blog and reading a new book and watching some inspiring shows! That’s the best thing as I have got my best book to kickstart from 1st😍. And yes along with Netflix some really wonderful free podcasts out there on the topics of our choice to stay motivated and keep going. I have installed them last week and trust me they are educating wonders and are on my list to habitualize in 2019!

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