6 Winter Skin Care Remedies 2018 | Winter Skin Care Routine

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Winter Skin Care Routine to Overcome Dry Skin.

In Winters your skin changes its behavior and Indeed needs Special Care.

Winter Skin Care is the must when it comes to overcome the natural skin issues we all face in the winter season.


 Some Basic Skin Care Tips only for you!

  • Hydrate Yourself


First things first. Always keep yourself hydrated irrespective of the season. Drinking lots of Water and natural fluids will keep your skin moisturized and provides a natural moisture shield to it.

  • Moisturize 

In winters, the skin needs an  extra moisture as it has a tendency to dry quickly. Get yourself a good routine where in you can add a heavy moisture content body lotion. Make sure you apply it twice a day to keep your skin away from the annoying scaling and harsh marks.


Remember that your Face, skin and Lips need a different amount of moisture and they need to be treated differently. Choose your products wisely regarding the above factors. Don’t forget your feet. They need the equal amount of care. Choose a good foot cream to keep it moisturized.

Some Moisturizers For You

  • Do Not Exfoliate too much


Exfoliation can wash off all the dead skin but in winter it may result in drying and the skin looses it natural oils.


  • Use Natural Ingredients


We often over look the natural moisturizing products we have at our home and kitchen. Have a look on this post to know some Home made remedies for winter.

  • Avoid using Hot Water

Its soothing to have a hot water bath specially in winters but using too much of hot water will lead to even more skin dryness and damage. Switch to Luke warm water instead.

  • Sun Screen

Skin can be easily effected by the Sun in winters. Sun screen helps your skin protect from UV rays as it forms a protective layer on the skin.

  • Exercise and Eat Healthy


Though exercise doesn’t seem to be a great idea in winters but it helps your body to bring out those natural oils and helps open the pores. Eating healthy Veggies and seasonal fruits helps u maintain good physical health.


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