DIY House Decor Ideas 2018 House Decor Ideas for Diwali

DIY house decor ideas

 DIY House Decor Ideas 2018 Diwali DIY Balloon Orbs

Hey Guys! As the Diwali season is around we are excited about decorating our house with lights.
Here comes some DIY ideas for decorating the house for Diwali and also Christmas.

The DIY  House Decor Idea I’ve come up is  DIY BALLOON ORBS!
It is very easy to do one such.Lets begin!

What You Need:
1.Craft Glue(about bottle)
3.Hemp String
4.A bowl

How to do it?
1.Take bowl and squeeze the glue into the bowl.
2.Blow air into the balloon.
3.The best way I found  to apply the glue is to dip the Hemp string in glue and wrap it around the balloon.
4.Just wrap the balloon and keep going.
5.If you find any weak areas,you can apply little extra glue.

DIY house decor ideas
6.Let the glue dry.
7.Once it is completely dried up use needle to deflate the balloon.
8.Your Orbs Balloon is ready to decorate once you fix a light in it.
9.Make a little space just to fix the light.
10.While installing the light string, feed the wires through the gap you made and up to the top, so that he light bulb will hang down in the center of the space.

DIY house decor ideas

DIY house decor ideas



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